Here I Am, Send Me

If you’ve been here a while, then you know the struggle I’ve had with social media. I find it to be so overwhelming and draining! Yet, I recently returned to instagram after a year-long break. And also to Facebook, after four years. I certainly had no plans to return but felt so led. I did... Continue Reading →

Learn to Love What Must be Done

I've been on a break from Instagram since mid-June. Social Media and I keep getting into spats. I know it has pros, but I find it so very noisy! It's a poor match for my INFJ personality. I deleted my personal Facebook account over two years ago now and really haven't missed it at all.... Continue Reading →

Time to Shine, Stars! {FREE Printable}

There's just something about the over usage of social media that ultimately leads to comparison. I've come across a lot of thoughts on this topic in the past but never paid much attention because I didn't think it was relevant to me. I didn't compare my life to the edited snippets others posted of their... Continue Reading →

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