Physical Wellness Challenge 03: Sleep

Sleep, oh blessed sleep. There's just something about sinking into bed at the end of the day. Getting under the covers, stretching out, and letting out a deep, satisfying, sigh. Then being lulled by the warmth and coziness, causing your eyelids to grow heavy and close. Hello Slumberland, I’m on my way! Well, that is... Continue Reading →

Intentional About Rest

I can't believe it's already December and the year is coming to an end! But, new month means a new wellness challenge. Before I get into all that, let's go back to last month. My wellness challenge for November was to practice gratitude, and I was particularly focused on being more grateful for the home... Continue Reading →

Less Hustle, More Jesus

What sermon is my life preaching? That's something I have to pause often to consider and re-evaluate through different seasons. It's especially important because I have little disciples in my care who are watching and learning. This past November, I finished working through a creative devotional journal by Shanna Noel called 100 Days of Less... Continue Reading →

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