How to Flourish

My focus word for the year is Flourish. My understanding, so far, of what that means is that it involves being a student of God's word and living by it. I wanted to have a more well-rounded understanding of what it means to truly thrive so I spent all of January looking into that some... Continue Reading →

Believe and Flourish

My focus word for the year is Flourish. to grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly favourable Last year, I chose Grace and turned it into the phrase Bloom in Grace. So, clearly, this idea of growing has been my mindset for a while. The... Continue Reading →

Bloom in Grace

Did you pick a focus word for 2020? Last year my one little word was actually a phrase - Rise and Shine! It was my first year selecting a "One Little Word" and I really liked having a focus to frame all I did that year. So, of course, I planned to choose another word... Continue Reading →

It’s time to “Rise and Shine”

Let's chat about vision boards; visualizing our dreams by getting them out of our head and putting them on paper, and setting goals to accomplish them. Have you heard about the "One Little Word" trend? It's where, instead of making a New Year's resolution that you forget about by the time February rolls around, you... Continue Reading →

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