On Meditation and Expressing Gratitude

The challenges from last week went very well! That's especially true for the sleep challenge. I'm in much better moods lately because of the improvements to my quality of sleep. I'm also very pleased with my productivity in work and all my other responsibilities here at home. I'm really glad I was able to meet... Continue Reading →

Overwhelmed But Present

I've been feeling very overwhelmed for the past few weeks. Maybe even longer than that. I have a lot of items on my to-do list and I feel like I just can't get a good grasp on many of them. I'm doing a lot of things but I'm not doing them well, or as well... Continue Reading →

Intentional About Rest

I can't believe it's already December and the year is coming to an end! But, new month means a new wellness challenge. Before I get into all that, let's go back to last month. My wellness challenge for November was to practice gratitude, and I was particularly focused on being more grateful for the home... Continue Reading →

Gratitude and Contentment

Hello November! It's a new month and that means a new wellness challenge in my Happy Journal. My challenge last month was to knit every day. I did that successfully and enjoyed working on my projects a little bit each evening before heading to bed. My challenge for November is gratitude, specifically focused on home.... Continue Reading →

Intentional Happiness

I always look forward to setting up my Happy Journal each week. There is always some encouragement to be had, most times unintentional, and is exactly what I need as my week progresses. A couple weeks ago, I created a spread with black and white, pink, and gold foil stickers from the Happy Quotes sticker... Continue Reading →

His Promises Renew

In previous posts, I shared what I've been learning from Illustrated Faith's Word Nerd devotional kit. This week, I'm in the third session which is titled Renew. The word Renew means to make like new, restore to freshness, vigor, or perfection. The author of the devotional reminded us that mediating on God's word helps us... Continue Reading →

Do Hard Things

It has been a challenging week! That was an understatement. I had difficulty sleeping every single night this week. I had insomnia a couple nights where I woke around 2 AM and had trouble returning to sleep. When I did sleep, I would wake feeling like I didn't get any rest. These sleep issues are... Continue Reading →

Remembering God and His Word

Last week, I shared what I learned from session one - Meditate - of Illustrated Faith's Word Nerd devotional kit. This week, I'm in session two which is titled Remember. It talks about the importance of remembering what God has done and said. It also relates back to session one because meditating on God's word... Continue Reading →

A Prescription for Happiness

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I was anticipating a challenging week. Well, it was that indeed! There were migraines. Sleep issues. Extreme fatigue and more. The worst of it was that I accidentally spilled water on my laptop and it fried. Thankfully, my files were recovered, but it's taken a while to get... Continue Reading →

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