Seasons of Change

It's that time of year again. Fall - my favourite season. The mornings are misty and mysterious. The air has a chill to it now, inviting comfy layers and cozy drinks. The leaves are changing colour; painting a landscape that makes me stop to marvel. I just love this time of year! Yet, at the... Continue Reading →

Sing Through the Pain

The song on repeat lately is "I Could Sing of Your Love Forever". Written by Martin Smith. I've been loving this rendition by Shane & Shane. Over the mountains and the seaYour river runs with love for meAnd I will open up my heartAnd let The Healer set me freeI'm happy to be in the... Continue Reading →

He is So Good

I love listening to worship music! It is such a big part of my faith walk. I always find so much encouragement from a song of worship and praise. I often wake with one playing in my head which sets the tone for my day. And then someone usually comes to mind who needs to... Continue Reading →

A Prescription for Happiness

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I was anticipating a challenging week. Well, it was that indeed! There were migraines. Sleep issues. Extreme fatigue and more. The worst of it was that I accidentally spilled water on my laptop and it fried. Thankfully, my files were recovered, but it's taken a while to get... Continue Reading →

Hey Sister is now on YouTube!

In my last post, I mentioned that there will be some changes coming to Hey Sister in the near future and that I’m just going to have fun with all this. Well, one of things is that I've (finally) launched a YouTube channel. I've been thinking about creating videos for YouTube for over a year... Continue Reading →

Learn to Love What Must be Done

I've been on a break from Instagram since mid-June. Social Media and I keep getting into spats. I know it has pros, but I find it so very noisy! It's a poor match for my INFJ personality. I deleted my personal Facebook account over two years ago now and really haven't missed it at all.... Continue Reading →

Time to Shine, Stars! {FREE Printable}

There's just something about the over usage of social media that ultimately leads to comparison. I've come across a lot of thoughts on this topic in the past but never paid much attention because I didn't think it was relevant to me. I didn't compare my life to the edited snippets others posted of their... Continue Reading →

Just do it!

First post and I have no idea what to write. Well, actually I do; I have several ideas drafted but can't for the life of me complete a thought. See, I've been trying to launch this blog since September of last year. And the idea to blog came to me several months before that. When... Continue Reading →

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