Slow and Simple Living

My focus this week is on simplicity and living a slow life. Maybe it's the season - the cooler weather of Fall. Or perhaps it's the sense that the earth is about to go to sleep, in a sense, that makes me want to change my pace as well. I just have this strong desire... Continue Reading →

Just Be Yourself

I should probably warn you that this post's content, and the corresponding video, is a bit heavy. This week I'm using the Wellness Planning sticker book by The Happy Planner. I really like the Fall-like colours. I also used a washi that has X's in a brown colour. I picked it because it reminds me... Continue Reading →

It’s Not About Me

This week in my Happy Journal, I'm celebrating the onset of Fall! I used these adorable stickers by Every Minute a Story (referral link, get 10% off) from their Fall collection. I don't use a lot of this style of stickers, I mostly get them for my kids' planners, but I had a couple of... Continue Reading →

Strength for the Humble

Monday was the first day back to school for us. As I mentioned last week, our family has been homeschooling for the past four years. However, this year, we enrolled the kids in public school and will be doing online learning. Live lessons with a teacher are estimated to start next week and the kids... Continue Reading →

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