Establishing New Habits

This week, I'm in the second set of guided pages in my Happy Journal. And so I thought I would do something very similar to the last spread I created and use stickers in the same colours as each section. These stickers are from the coordinating sticker books for this journal: Happy Goals and Live... Continue Reading →

Living for Him – Philippians 1 Study

For me, to live is Christ...Philippians 1:21 In January, I completed a reading plan on the YouVersion Bible app called How to Survive Thrive. The purpose of doing this study was to learn more about what it means to Flourish, which is my focus word for the year. I wrote about what I learned here.... Continue Reading →

Living in Gratitude

Happiness is not just a way you feel, it's living in a place of gratitude. That is my favourite quote in my Happy Journal this week! For wellness this week, I'm continuing with meditation to control my thoughts and keep it in the present and positive. Basically, I'm practicing mindfulness. This is for the The... Continue Reading →

Life is Right Now

Some thoughts on being present, meditation and mind control for wellness, particularly in difficult circumstances. This week I started another wellness challenge based on The Science of Well-being course I've been taking. Except it's not a new challenge. We're at a point in the course where all the lessons are complete and we're now in... Continue Reading →

Measure of Success

How can we determine if we're succeeding in life, and with all the things we are attempting? I'm still thinking about my focus word for the year - Flourish. What I've learned so far is that God wants me to thrive in response to His word and ultimately for His glory. Now I get that... Continue Reading →

On Meditation and Expressing Gratitude

The challenges from last week went very well! That's especially true for the sleep challenge. I'm in much better moods lately because of the improvements to my quality of sleep. I'm also very pleased with my productivity in work and all my other responsibilities here at home. I'm really glad I was able to meet... Continue Reading →

How to Flourish

My focus word for the year is Flourish. My understanding, so far, of what that means is that it involves being a student of God's word and living by it. I wanted to have a more well-rounded understanding of what it means to truly thrive so I spent all of January looking into that some... Continue Reading →

Believe and Flourish

My focus word for the year is Flourish. .. to grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly favourable Last year, I chose Grace and turned it into the phrase Bloom in Grace. So, clearly, this idea of growing has been my mindset for a while.... Continue Reading →

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