Wellness Journey – The Next Leg

It has been quite the journey so far in improving my wellbeing and I’m now ready to start the next phase.

For the last two years, I’ve been focused on nurturing my spiritual, emotional and mental wellbeing. This journey has been so insightful and life-changing really. I’m not even the same person I was two years ago and for that I’m so grateful! I’m very glad that I took the time to do this slowly and intentionally.

It’s worthwhile, essential really, to take the time to invest in ourselves so that we can live this one life well.

Happy Journal March 22 2021 love well

I’ve especially enjoyed these last few months supplementing my lifestyle with all I’ve learned from The Science of Well-being course. As the course is now complete (I passed by the way, hooray!), there isn’t a specific habit that I have to practice this week and going forward. I will definitely keep practicing all of the habits to some degree; they’ve all been very helpful to my overall well-being. However, I feel that I am now in a good place to switch my focus to physical wellness.

I am planning to, again, take it slowly and so I’m making a two-year commitment. I’m hoping that after that time, I’ll be able to say that I’m in a good place of health. I don’t have an actual plan as yet on how I will accomplish this. As I usually do, I will take it one step at a time, as He leads me.

The first thing I’ll do is educate myself.

I’ll need to figure out where I am and what needs to be corrected. So, this week I’m going to get a check up from my doctor. I’ve been putting this off for a long time because of Covid.

I also need to learn more about this complex thing that is the body. Don’t you wish it came with a manual?! Well, it did, I just don’t know how to read that either, having tuned it out for so long.

Next, I’ll focus on nutrition.

I already know I’m not eating well enough; not enough fruits and veggies, etc. I’ve genuinely tried to adjust my intake but have poor digestion which worsens things. I also have chronic anemia and some vitamin deficiencies which I take supplements for.

I’m also usually dehydrated. This in particular has been a struggle for years. I know the standard recommendation is at least eight glasses of water a day, but I manage only two most days. My aim this week was to increase that to four. I failed.

Lastly, I’ll implement a plan for regular exercise.

My goal is always forming long term habits or lifestyle changes that I can maintain over the years. I’m not a hit the gym or treadmill kind of person. I’ll have to find something that works for my body and lifestyle, and is effective long term. I used to love Pilates, before kids, perhaps I’ll find a way to work that into my schedule. For now, I will continue to just move more.

Happy Journal March 22 2021 show up

With this switch to physical wellness, I won’t be sharing this Happy Journal as often. Of course, I’ll continue making these spreads for journaling and gratitude, but I’ll only share maybe once or twice a month. The command centre for physical wellness will be my fitness planner and I’m not sure yet how much or what I’ll share of that planner.

The spread in my Happy Journal this week is in another set of guided pages. I wanted to create a design that was almost Spring but not quite. I used the Wellness Planning and Farmhouse sticker books by The Happy Planner. I love how it turned out! The colour combination is so soothing. See the video linked below to see it come together.

I hope you’re encouraged to show up for yourself and be intentional in making your well-being a priority.

Joy & Peace, Sister!

For more on this Physical Wellness journey, click here.

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