Remain in Me

I am the vine; you are the branches. Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing.

John 15:5 ESV

This month, I’m reflecting on abiding in Christ. I’m doing this creatively by using the February faith art box from  Creative Retreat Kits (referral link) called The Vine.

In the devotional, Jessica Drews, the author, writes that the life of a plant depends almost solely on the quality of the gardener’s care. When it is well cared for, the plant thrives and produces fruit. Reading this filled me with such gratitude for God and His caring hand!

I’m not a gardener by any stretch of the imagination. I’ve tried caring for many different types of plants, including succulents which are supposed to be easy, but they always die. I think that’s because I really didn’t care enough to learn how to care for them properly. But He knows us so intimately, the deepest parts of our hearts, and knows exactly where we need pruning to thrive. When I reflect on the pruning He’s done in me, His care is very evident.

Last year, my focus was on growing, blooming, in grace. I remember at the start of the year, when He gave me this focus, He set on my heart that blooming in grace wasn’t so much about what I would be doing, but on what He would do. All I had to do was surrender to his pruning, abide in Him through prayer and read His word seeking to know Him better.

I’ll admit the year was a very difficult one but it was also the best year because it’s also when I felt THE closest to Him. He tended to my heart to remove my inability to love well, be gracious and content, in all circumstances. This is so that, now, I can flourish to bring Him glory. That’s the reason for the entry on the left page.

Faith Journaling John 15. Bear fruit for His glory. Creative Retreat Kits The Vine. Maisie Lane dot grid notebook.

The title for today’s entry, on the right page, is “bear fruit for his glory”. Jessica writes that Jesus describes himself as a life-giving vine who provides sustenance that the attached branches need to produce fruit. She also says that the type of fruit that is produced is determined by the plant itself (an orange tree bears oranges, etc). So, when we remain in relationship with Christ we produce fruit that resembles Christ, and this glorifies the Father, the master gardener.

Faith Journaling John 15. Remain in Me. Creative Retreat Kits The Vine. Maisie Lane dot grid notebook.

I usually create these sort of entries in my bible but today I’m using my faith journal. This is a dot grid bullet journal from a company called Maisie Lane.

I don’t know enough about bullet journals in general to say much about this one. I chose it, really, because I had the option to personalize the cover. I chose my focus word for the year which is Flourish. I also love the colour, and especially the symbol on the spine of the flowers with a butterfly (these are a few of my favourite things).

Maisie Lane Bullet Faith Journal

I purchased the journal at the end of last year. My intention for it is to document all that I’m learning this year with regards to my focus word. As well as any major milestones or events that occur over the year that I really want to remember.

On the first page, I have my one little word and the relevant verse. The floral is from a printable in the Etsy shop.

flourish faith journal

Here, I have a couple entries from January about what it means to flourish. The florals are from the Flowers sticker book by The Happy Planner.

January faith journal

And these are from February. I used more florals from the same Happy Planner book. And the tile alphas are from Creative Retreat’s Upside Down Kingdom set. These entries are about glorifying God in the way I live this life.

February faith journal

The vine entries are my favourite so far! The reminder to abide in Him and live for Him is one I think we pilgrims need regularly. I almost missed out on this kit and I’m so glad I was able to receive it by God’s grace. The design for the entries was actually inspired by the beautiful pattern on the back of the devotional except I inverted the colours and added some green. Check out the video linked below to see it come together.

I hope you’re encouraged to remain in Him.

Joy & Peace, Sister!

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