Overwhelmed But Present

I’ve been feeling very overwhelmed for the past few weeks.

Maybe even longer than that.

I have a lot of items on my to-do list and I feel like I just can’t get a good grasp on many of them. I’m doing a lot of things but I’m not doing them well, or as well as I would like.

I don’t have a solution to that as yet. If you have any thoughts on this, I’d love to hear them. You can leave me a comment below or on the video over on YouTube.

In the meantime, especially now as we’re in the holiday season, I’m choosing to be intentional about being present. If homeschooling, then I’m focused on school for that time period and not thinking of my grocery list or any other items I have to complete.

Eventually, I will have to sit down and look at all the areas in which I’m investing my time, and efforts, to see if there are things I should be removing or, at the very least, reducing. I’ll need to identify what is important. Identify my core values and priorities.

I’ve made a conscious decision to live a slow and simple life, but will need to go through a process in order to implement that completely.

Happy Journal 12 07 20

This week, in my Happy Journal, I used the Squad Goals sticker book by The Happy Planner. This book has four sets of coordinating stickers, one for each season. I used the ones for Winter to create a holiday spread. I also used Christmas Joy because Squad Goals doesn’t have any quotes. All of the present, or gift, stickers are an encouragement to me this week as I practice being present.

Joy & Peace, Sister!

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