How To Print on Happy Planner Pages

I like to print lines in my planner pages because I can’t write straight.

The photo above is of my Happy Journal. It’s a classic-sized Happy Planner that I use for wellness. That’s mostly emotional wellness, and consists of journaling and practicing gratitude. It’s featured in many posts on here and in videos on the Hey Sister YouTube channel.

The planner itself is in the classic vertical layout. I didn’t intentionally pick this layout for journaling. The planner itself is an 18-month one that I purchased for my day-to-day plans but, after using it for a few months realized that, it just didn’t suit my lifestyle or my planning style. So, I decided to switch to another planner in the Dashboard layout, which has been working out well, and thought I’d use what’s left of this one for wellness.

As it’s used mostly for journaling, I wanted to add some lines to make it easier to write in. I can’t write straight without lines to guide me. I started off drawing in lines with a pen or marker, but that became tedious and was messy at times. Hence, the idea to have my printer do the work! Why not.

To accomplish this, I use Microsoft Word to create a template matching the planner page and then print directly on the planner pages. I’ve had a few people ask me how I do this so I created a video tutorial to explain. It’s now on the Hey Sister YouTube channel; find it linked at the bottom.

I’ve also provided the template I created during the tutorial. Click on the image below to access. This link will open the Word file in Google Drive. Please download to your computer, open in Microsoft Word, and print from there. I do not recommend printing directly from Google Drive as it may not render or format correctly. Hope you found this helpful!

Joy & Peace, Sister!

Classic Vertical Happy Planner Layout Template

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