Do Something Good Today

This week in my Happy Journal, I’m focused on physical wellness.

This journal is used primarily for emotional wellness; for journaling my thoughts and choosing to stay positive by practicing gratitude.

For my health, or physical wellness, I use a mini fitness planner. I use it to track nutrition, how I’m sleeping, exercise, etc. The key word there is track. I haven’t been diligent about implementing an actual health plan.

I have a lot of responsibilities and it gets difficult to manage them all. Sometimes, it’s hard to care for myself. Of course, I’ve planned some ideas over the years for nutrition and exercise, in particular, but they just haven’t worked out to my satisfaction. I thought that my kids would be returning to public school this Fall and said to myself that, when they did, then I would have the time to focus more on myself.

Well, as I’ve shared in a previous post, we chose to continue homeschooling long term. So, it’s essential that I actually put together a plan to nurture my physical health now. That’s why I used that full box on the right page. It says “do something good today“.

I will have to speak with my doctor, get a check up to see where I am right now and seek God’s guidance in all that. But, until then, I want to be intentional about doing something, anything really, each day that betters my health.

For example, one thing I’ve been doing this week is breathing well.

Now that may seem a bit silly, however I’ve actually caught myself several times in the day with shallow breathing. I’ve had to pause for a few minutes to take in a few deep breaths. Not only is this good for my physical health, it also helps to calm me and keep stress at bay.

Another simple thing I can add in easily is to just move more.

I’ve never been the type to hit the gym or do intense workouts. I prefer taking walks and doing more low impact exercise that can be easily integrated into my lifestyle and maintained over the years. Now that we’ve chosen to adopt a slow and simple living mindset in our home, I think I’ll be more successful in implementing these small changes.

What small steps can you take today to care for yourself?

Joy & Peace, Sister!

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