Do Hard Things

It has been a challenging week!

That was an understatement.

I had difficulty sleeping every single night this week. I had insomnia a couple nights where I woke around 2 AM and had trouble returning to sleep. When I did sleep, I would wake feeling like I didn’t get any rest. These sleep issues are nothing new. I’ve been feeling sleep deprived for the last seven years, at least that’s how far back I can remember having this problem. This lack of proper sleep almost always leads to feelings of depression. I usually bounce back in a day or two but it was really difficult this time.

In addition to the sleep issues, there are some stress factors in this house we’re living in that really wore away at me. It was just one issue after another. I also got into an argument with my husband, as a result of all of this, which added to the stress. It was all very, very overwhelming.

I don’t like difficult times. Frankly, I would be very happy if life was pleasant all the time. But, that’s not life, right?

We’re living by faith and will be faced with obstacles that we need to overcome. Through this process, we learn and we grow and we’re better for having gone through the experience.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again – our attitude during these trying times is so important!

If we have a positive attitude – one of certain victory, of coming through better off on the other end – then we’ll fight harder and better.

One of the reasons I focus so much on practicing gratitude is because it doesn’t come naturally to me. I don’t naturally have a positive mindset. I’ve talked about this several times before as well.

My instinct is to retreat and stay in that negative space. It’s like taking the negativity and wrapping it around myself like a blanket and seeking comfort in that. However, that blanket is not comforting. It’s like a blanket of thorns. It just keeps hurting.

I really like this sticker that says “you can do hard things“. We can do hard things and we should. We need to remember who we are in Christ and not give in to the negative self talk. We need to speak words of life over ourselves and the situation we’re in and persevere in hope.

I hope this encourages you with whatever you’re facing today.

Joy & Peace, Sister!

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