Just Be Yourself

I should probably warn you that this post’s content, and the corresponding video, is a bit heavy.

This week I’m using the Wellness Planning sticker book by The Happy Planner. I really like the Fall-like colours. I also used a washi that has X’s in a brown colour. I picked it because it reminds me of pattern charts for knitting. Each month I do a wellness challenge; something I do daily that brings me joy. This month, it is to knit every day. I really like the sticker that says we’re all a work in progress which is a bit of a play on words, referring to knitting projects.

The spread itself is just like the others I’ve done. I have a few full boxes with encouraging quotes. I really like this one on the left that says your day is as good as your mindset but my biggest encouragement came from the one that’s covering the calendar. It says very simply to believe in yourself.

Last week, I shared a bit of the challenges we’re facing with three kids in online learning. I wrote about how we’re seeking God’s will and purpose in all of it. This week, we withdrew the kids completely and will return to homeschooling.

I think the biggest problem we had was that it’s difficult to help the kids if they don’t remember or understand what they’re told verbally in the live lessons.

I got in touch with their teachers and principals with some feedback and suggestions on how that may be improved. Some of the teachers were very appreciative and thought they were helpful. Some did not.

Now if we only had technical issues to work through, then we may have continued online learning. However, trying to partner with teachers who do not care… well, that is another thing altogether.

As parents, it is our responsibility to raise our children and to ensure that they are educated.

For most of us, if we gave birth to them then we’ve been teaching them since then. However, most kids spend the majority of their young life in school. So, schools play a large part in raising our kids. Educating them should be a partnership. This is no small task; I mean, we’re raising the next generation of people! We should be doing this with people who care.

Though we decided to homeschool our kids, I felt very burdened when I thought about the kids who remained with those uncaring teachers. I had to give it to God because it was too much to carry. However, He encouraged me to use my voice and to say something, at least.

I provided feedback to the principals and was encouraged to learn that they received it well and discussions are being had. I’m not sure what will come from all this but I trust that God is able to do mighty things according to His greater purpose. I just have to do my part.

Regarding school, I think this whole experience has made me more committed to homeschooling than I’ve been in the past. So, that is definitely a plus.

This same week, I also received some bad news about a child that I’m sponsoring through Plan Canada. I’ve been sponsoring her for the last nine years. She’s the same age as my oldest. I learned that she passed about recently from Malaria. That was really hard.

It was very difficult for me to come on here and talk about stickers, in light of all of this happening. I also didn’t know what encouragement to offer.

Except maybe to use your voice wherever you are to make a difference for someone. No matter how small it may seem.

Just be yourself; be who you are in Christ and shine His light.

And if you have kids, to hold them a little tighter, a little longer. We don’t know how long we’ll have them in our care, so let’s make the best of the time we do have now.

I hope this is of some encouragement to you. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week. I’m off to help my kids. They want to put up our Christmas tree way, way earlier this year and I couldn’t agree more.

Joy & Peace, Sister!

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