It’s Not About Me

This week in my Happy Journal, I’m celebrating the onset of Fall!

I used these adorable stickers by Every Minute a Story (referral link, get 10% off) from their Fall collection. I don’t use a lot of this style of stickers, I mostly get them for my kids’ planners, but I had a couple of reasons for using them this week.

For one, they fit in with my doodle theme which I’ve been doing all month for my wellness focus. Second, I just wanted to promote some local shops. I share a lot about my life on here, as well as on YouTube and Instagram, but Hey Sister is not all about me, it’s about us. As an Encourager, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to shine the light on others. In my last Happy Journal spread, I used The CoffeeMonsterz Co. And in the one before that, I used O’Clares Creations. I hope you’ll check them out.

With the start of Fall under way, I started thinking about change. I’ve had a lot of it lately and it has been challenging. But reflecting on the changes I had to go through and seeing where I am now, I’m realizing something important.

Though it may be difficult while going through that transition, it’s ultimately leading to something better.

To truly believe that, we have to first believe in the goodness of God.

This week, the kids started online learning in earnest. Last week, they had offline lessons. This week, they had live lessons with a teacher. The first day was really bad! There were lots of technical problems. Lots of new virtual learning technology to figure out. That was difficult for me to manage with three kids, in three different classes, doing online learning, all at the same time. My youngest was in a kindergarten class and that, honestly, was a waste of time. He’s a very active boy and trying to get him to sit and stare at a screen and be engaged, when he would rather play, just wasn’t working. He took all my attention and I could barely help the other two.

Anyway, after that first day, I was very ready to just call it quits. To withdraw them and return to homeschooling. It certainly would be easier, especially in terms of our schedule. Right now we’re doing school over a six-hour period. There are breaks in-between but we’re in school mode for that entire time. When we homeschooled, it took only about two hours each day to complete our work.

Needless to say, I’ve been praying about this a lot. I put off making a decision to see how the week unfolded. Today, which was the 4th day of learning, I think I’m getting some direction. I came across at least two different messages that had to do with being focused on self instead of on God. This reminded me of the sermon at our church this past Sunday.

We’re currently in a series on the Gospel of Mark titled Servanthood and Sacrifice in a Selfie World. Last Sunday’s sermon touched a bit on the life of John the Baptist and his example of magnifying Jesus above himself. John was very clear about his purpose which was to point others to Christ.

My personal takeaway from the sermon was to live such a life and to remember it’s not about me. Not about how I feel or what I want or what I think is best.

It’s about serving God; going where He tells me and doing what He has prepared for me, all for His glory.

So, I’m not sure what lies ahead for us. I think we most likely will withdraw the youngest from kindergarten, but I’m not sure about the other two. But I’m so thankful He reminded me of this lesson. There is so much peace when we take our eyes off ourselves and turn them to God. I can now focus on what He’s doing in and through us in this situation.

How can you glorify God where you are right now?

Joy & Peace, Sister!

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