Living Our Best Lives

As I mentioned in a previous post, the message I’ve been getting lately is to just have fun in everything I do.

Whether that is any work that I’m assigned. Caring for my kids at home. Chores. The tasks that seem more mundane. And even the hobbies; the things that are supposed to be fun but sometimes feel like work. Life is so short and we have much to be thankful for! That should be apparent in the way we live.

I’m usually a serious person. I’m very detailed oriented. Goal oriented. I like to plan, and be proactive and efficient. Those are all good things! But for me, sometimes being that way really sucks the fun out of what I’m trying to accomplish.

I’m also the type of person who wears their emotions. So, if I’m tired, which i am often, then that will translate into my words and actions and the way I respond when life doesn’t go as expected.

Practicing gratitude has really helped to shift my mindset.

I’ve had to re-train my mind to find the silver lining – to see the good. I’ve also had to be very intentional about planning things into my days that are sure to make me smile or laugh.

This week in my Happy Journal, my theme is all about living my best life. Setting up my journal like this, where it’s encouraging and uplifting and fun, to me at least, is also very helpful.

Love what you do and you’ll never work another day in your life

some wise person

I always thought that thinking applied to our professions, our callings. That is, if we choose a profession that we really love, then each work day wouldn’t really feel like work because we’re enjoying what we do.

But what if we adopted that same attitude with everything we have to do. What if we approached every task with a grateful and joyful attitude, choosing to just have fun with it? I think we would live a fuller life. We would see things less as “I have to do this” and more like “I get to do this!”

I don’t mean to disregard hard things that we’ll have to do. We will face struggles and grief, and we should respond accordingly. But I do believe that our attitudes really do impact how we live through those hard times.

Do you love what you get to do?

Joy & Peace, Sister!

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