Hey Sister is now on YouTube!

In my last post, I mentioned that there will be some changes coming to Hey Sister in the near future and that I’m just going to have fun with all this. Well, one of things is that I’ve (finally) launched a YouTube channel.

I’ve been thinking about creating videos for YouTube for over a year now, but I’ve had a lot of excuses. For one, my home is very noisy because my kids are at home with me and we’re home most of the time. Whenever I have some time all by myself, my kids always seem to gravitate to where I am. This is very sweet, but also leads to a lot of interruptions, as you can probably imagine. I also thought I didn’t have anything worthwhile to share on YouTube; I wasn’t creative enough. Come on now; we all have something to share with the world!

Anyway, this week I decided to just go for it! Because of all the noise, I usually record a voice over when I get a quiet-ish pocket of time. I’ve also had to do a lot of takes and then tons of editing afterward. This is time consuming, but it’s a compromise for this season. It’s certainly not what I had in mind but it’s a start and hopefully will get better.

I’m learning that when it comes to our dreams, the things we want to accomplish, it’s not going to be easy. We have to choose to press on and take those steps always moving forward towards our goals. One step at a time, right?

I’m also learning that it’s a lot more helpful to others when we share real life. When we share the struggle and how we overcome it. So, I hope this encourages you to start something today and keep moving forward.

So far, the plan is to share whatever I’m interested in at the moment. Right now, that’s mom life, creative planning and bible journaling. The rest of this blog post details what I talk about in the first video. You can skip it and watch the video (linked below) if you prefer.

In my first video, I talked through the process of setting up my Happy Journal for the week. This journal is actually a Classic Happy Planner in the vertical layout. I use it to focus on Wellness; mostly journaling my thoughts and practicing gratitude. I usually use stickers by The Happy Planner because they are so encouraging and positive. This week, I used one the older Color Story sticker books (I think it’s #2).

When I plan, I like to take inspiration from a sticker that relates to what’s going on in my life at the moment and I try to compliment the design that’s already on the page. I chose a sticker with a girl taking a photo because it matches my wellness theme for the month. Each month, for wellness, I challenge myself to do something that brings me joy. Last month, it was to read more books. This month, I’m taking a photo a day because I enjoy photography. The point of the challenge is to just have fun while also creating a habit.

What have you been thinking of starting? What is one step you can take towards attaining it?

Joy & Peace, Sister!

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