Just do it!

First post and I have no idea what to write.

Well, actually I do; I have several ideas drafted but can’t for the life of me complete a thought.

See, I’ve been trying to launch this blog since September of last year. And the idea to blog came to me several months before that. When September didn’t happen, I pushed it to my birthday which was a couple months later. When that didn’t work out I postponed it to yesterday – you know, new year, new beginnings. Well, here we are today on January 2nd…

Today, my kids are running around and it’s too loud to even hear my thoughts. My toddler wants me to watch him hop from the living room to the kitchen. He did that, I watched, and yes it was actually entertaining. Then I had to mediate an argument between him and the five-year-old regarding who gets to sweep the floor. Then lunch had to be prepared. Then there was the numerous diaper changes, tantrums and other shenanigans. But now, he’s taking a nap and the other two are enjoying a quiet time and I think maybe I can do this.

So, I’m just going to type this up quickly and hit Publish. Let’s do this. Not exactly what I hoped for my first post but, as I heard in a sermon last year, to delay is to disobey. And I believe Mark Twain (don’t quote me on this) once said:

Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection.

some wise guy

Accomplishing anything takes intentionality and just starting where you are with what you have.  So, just do it already!

Get started today. It may not work out as planned or look as you would like. But He who calls us is faithful to provide and equip us to do His will and accomplish His plan. He lives in and works through us!

Welcome to Hey Sister! I hope you’ll stick around.

Joy & Peace, Sister!

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